Author Jonathan B Evans






The day I was born, that’s if I had been, was announced by delighted, gushing headlines in newspapers run by sycophantic hacks and Editors cajoled by their patrons and owners to toe the party line or face the consequences, and by complete antipathy or outright hostility, as I found out, from the mass populace who, with the hacks, Editors and patrons, were too frightened to raise a dissenting voice.
The only person who was apparently disappointed, and said as much, was my Grandmother, but she was mad and a ‘witch’, so no one would have taken any notice of her, even if they had been allowed to listen.
The reason for both responses to the announcement of my birth would only become clear to me much later on when I was older. Not old enough to ‘know,’ as the truth was kept from me as well, but when a series of events exposed me to the truth of my life and upbringing...
But I’m getting ahead of myself.
My name is Johannes Middlemass the third and I am the son of Johannes Middlemass the second and grandson of Johannes Middlemass the first.
Although, as I found out later technically there are many more Johannes Middlemass’s in my family tree, none of these count, if you will pardon the pun, as they were not the despotic rulers of the county I was born to lead - I was going to say ‘where I grew up’, but technically I didn’t reach my maturity.
But I’m getting ahead of myself again...but then I don’t have much time. If I am to act, it must be soon before I lose the will and reconsider what I’m about to do.
After all, would you make the ultimate sacrifice for someone you love or do you think, given time to cool down and reconsider, you would rationalise what was happening away and not react?
In 2020 I saw with clarity that things did not have to be the way that they were and there was a better way.
But what if you had it in your power to alter the destiny of not just that one person and save their life but help millions of people, would you do it?
Of course you would.
But what if it meant you would lose everything?

The sunlight glistened off the surface of the pool as I floated around watching the light ripple and morph on the tiles beneath the clear water.
I lay sideways across the lilo, which was held under my arms. My legs hung off the edge and the shadow which glided across the pool floor looked like the silhouette of a butterfly or an angel.
My mind wandered as I wondered idly which I was. I certainly didn’t think of myself as an angel but was I about to become a butterfly and spread my wings? Well in a sense I was it was a time for a change, I was about to leave the confines of my home, my gilded cage as I was shortly to find out that’s what it was, to go to school.
It was the last day of the holidays in my thirteenth year and it was now deemed time for me to leave my governess and be sent away to school with some of my peers from other families which lived in ‘The Compound’ as it was known to everyone outside, and ‘home’ to me.


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